Milestones and projects

High-profile projects and future-oriented milestones

Michael Stoll has been responsible for the business activities of REMEX GmbH for more than 20 years. The company's development shows that its turnover has more than tripled since 2008 – to around € 800 million. Numerous strategic investments, especially in new companies, and resulting diversification have been key factors in the company's success. Three milestones are presented in more detail below.



Acquisition of Europe's largest ash processing plant

In 2012, Michael Stoll completed the acquisition of the Netherlands based HEROS Sluiskil B.V.. Since then, REMEX is responsible for one of the most modern and largest European plants for the processing of bottom ash (IBA) from waste incineration. Numerous investments in processing technology for the mineral fractions and metal recycling were made in the following years. In 2022, HEROS successfully acquired Dolphin Metal Separation B.V. and thus opened up all possibilities to purify non-ferrous metals of every fraction obtained from ash processing itself. Particular added value is created by the integrated value chain: it enables the company to market its own high-quality metals, which can be smelted directly.

On more than 45 hectares in Sluiskil, we operate one of the most modern plants for the processing of incinerator bottom ash. Every investment – in technology, personnel, digitalisation – serves the objective to further optimise the recycling rate and quality of recovered resources.

Michael Stoll


Expansion of corporate activities to Asia

In 2015, REMEX founded the subsidiary REMEX Minerals Singapore Pte. Ltd. on the initiative of REMEX management. This followed a tender for the processing of bottom ash in the city state. With a capacity of around 600,000 t per year and extremely compact size, the Singapore REMEX plant is one of the most impressive in the REMEX Group. Through the inclusion of a 4,000 m² site, a separate processing plant for the drying and post-cleaning of ferrous scrap was additionally realised in 2021.

Scrap processing in Singapore strategically supports the objective of further increasing the added value of metals recovered in our own recycling facilities.

Michael Stoll


Realisation of market leadership for underground waste management and tailing pile recultivation

As part of the largest joint venture in the company's more than 30-year history, REMEX transferred its expertise in underground waste management in 2022 to REKS GmbH & Co. KG. K+S Minerals and Agriculture holds an equal share in the company and provides efficient access to the underground facilities of K+S, including two underground disposal sites and five underground recovery sites. Capacities for underground stowage of 725,000 t per year have been created, in addition to 95,000 t/a for the disposal of waste underground. In the area of tailing pile coverage, which is planned as part of the recultivation of seven potash tailing piles, material requirements are estimated to reach 200 million t.

Through this joint venture, we have positioned REMEX Group as Europe`s largest provider for underground waste management solutions and recultivation of tailing piles.

Michael Stoll